We install all types of wood flooring in buisiness or residential arenas.
   Although we primarily install prefinished flooring in either a nail down or in a glue down application, we also install unfinished flooring, laminate flooring, and engineered floating floors.  Installations also include (at an additional charge) trim (baseboards and shoe mold or quarter round) and any transition strips required for a complete flooring installation.
   We also install step treads and risers in either free form or in prefab applications.  Step treads and risers generally come unfinished.  We will complete the finishing (sanding, staining, 3 coats polyurethane) for you to inspect prior to installation.
   Often there are subfloor issues that need to be addressed.  We can properly replace, repair, and/or level wood subfloors prior to installation to ensure flooring stability.  
   Slab subfloor preparation is more varied but all issues can be addressed prior to installation. 
   Many times our customers are unsure what type of flooring they need or  what type of installation method is required.
We will be happy to assist you at any time during the planning process to aid you in making the perfect choices for you.
   At any time during an installation  we will be happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.  This will also be accompanied with any documentation required.
   We guarantee our installations will be installed equal to or better than the guidelines set forth by the NWFA and by NOFMA.
   We will return in a timely manner to assess any questions and provide solutions at our own expense if due to install practices.  If the problems are due to manufacturing practices we will provide any paperwork and/or personal appearances required to precipite a satisfactory resolution.
   If any problems arrise due to outside factors (moisture problems, et al) we will assess the situation and help you to a proper resolution.